Country Store

Country Store Hours

Friday - 9am - 5pm  
Saturday - 9am - 4pm  
Located in the Ponderosa Room  
Pick up unsold Gear by Saturday 4:45pm  

Want to sell your gear at the country store? The Country Store Consignment Agreement form may be downloaded and filled out. Simply bring this form along with your equipment to the country store and we will place it on the table for sale. That simple!

Consignment Agreement Form

What is the Country Store?

The Country Store is where you can bring your amateur radio related gear to sell without having to sit by a table all day to do it. This allows you to walk around the convention to attend talks, visit exhibitors, socialize with fellow hams while your equipment is put on display and sold by our NVCON volunteers.

This Sounds Great! What does it cost?

We only ask for a 10% commission on sold gear. If your gear does not sell (we hope it does sell) you are not charged anything. Simply drop by Saturday after 5:00 PM to pick up your unsold gear.

This Really Sounds Great!! Where/when do I go to drop off my gear?

You can bring your gear anytime during the Country Store open hours listed on the left. Make sure to fill out the consignment form and bring your gear and the signed agreement to the Ponderosa room and let it display in the Country Store Show Room.

I have no gear to sell but want to see what is selling. Where do I go?

Yes anyone attending NVCON can browse and of course purchase the gear for sale in the Country Store. Just go to the Ponderosa Room during the open hours and browse as much as you like. We would recommend checking the store a few times during the day as new gear may appear at anytime.

Wow, this was easy. Now how do I get paid for my sold gear?

We are glad you asked! We will send a check to the address listed on your agreement form two weeks after the event. We know you need this new found cash to purchase your new dream amateur radio station! We, of course have those same dreams when we have extra cash in our hands, will get it to you as soon as possible!

So my gear did not sell, when can I pick it up?

You may pickup your gear on Saturday by 4:45pm. Again since your gear did not sell you are not charged anything for having it on display. Any gear not picked up will be disposed of at the discretion of the NVCON organizers.